Our goal is to find balance, golden mean, and learn how not to overload one’s life with outer activities and interests, but to keep on simplifying it. The key to a happy balance in life is in the modern life simplicity.   Tibetian Book of Living and Dying I love simplicity and minimalism. I do … Pokračovat ve čtení Simplicity


Open newspaper on the table, an interesting book next to it, seven tabs open in a browser, open e-mail, blinking message on a phone and radio playing. We are surrounded by information and sometimes even overwhelmed. We live in an information age. The problem is a relationship between quantity and quality of information we work with. … Pokračovat ve čtení Overwhelmed

Let’s Speak and Write More about Desertification

Dear Reader, I was very happy to write an article about my Master's thesis for a blog called Desertification by Professor Willem Van Cotthem. His initiative to gather articles related to desertification, land-degradation and drought is admirable. The article goes as follows: Why is it that the global community is so concerned about climate change, … Pokračovat ve čtení Let’s Speak and Write More about Desertification