About Me

My name is Veronika Gregušová. I have always been curious and asked many questions. Teachers did not appreciate this very much, but thanks to it I am now interviewing interesting people and exploring the world. I think world is a beautiful place and every person is inspiring in a certain way. I love writing because it is the easiest way for me to express my thoughts. Although, drawing has recently started competing with writing in this regard. I am an eternal student for whom learning is a joy and has not finished by leaving the school. I love to explore the world here and across the borders. I worked in many countries but now I am happy living in the Czech Republic. I think happiness is not so much influenced by the place we live in but it resides in us. I wish that my country flourishes and people are nicer to each other. This is also why I am engaged in a project called Skutečná služba (Real service). Besides that, I actually also work. Quite surprisingly for a corporation. It is an interesting study for me and my first work experience after graduation from the university. Most of all I love my family, quotations, walking, literature of the 20th century, philosophy and nature.


I founded the blog Pinklich during my stay in India in October 2014 because I wanted to create a platform where I would write about wonderful initiatives and projects that help people and nature. Gradually, I realized that it is easier for me to write about my own experience with things that improved my life and could enrich life of others as well. Concurrently, I started doing interviews with various people. Currently, the blog is alive thanks to interviews, contemplations and presentations of my photographs and illustrations. I prefer quality to quantity. I do not write every day, but when I do write, I want that the articles make sense and are deep which sometimes requires more space. I try to reach out to the Czech and international audience, hence all articles are written in Czech and English. I believe it is good to share good news and experience with others and that is why I am writing this blog. This is not a blog about cooking or politics which would have a defined readership. It is a blog of the girl in the pink dress who likes to think about life and is curious about everything. Pinklich is a corruption of the German world pünktlich which means punctual. In combination with curiosity the meaning of the blog is „Be Curious on Time“. Never stop being curious whatever your age is.

I realize that thanks to feedback I can develop better and therefore I am interested in what you think about my blog. I welcome your honest opinion or even a suggestion for an article or recommendation of an interesting person for an interview. You can drop an e-mail to pinklich@post.cz