Our goal is to find balance, golden mean, and learn how not to overload one’s life with outer activities and interests, but to keep on simplifying it. The key to a happy balance in life is in the modern life simplicity.  

Tibetian Book of Living and Dying


I love simplicity and minimalism. I do not think that there is anything more purifying for soul and body than to live a life without the unnecessary baggage. Baggage as in things, activities, plans and social commitments. In my view there is nothing better than to own only a certain amount of things which one really needs.  The same goes or activities. If we fill our free time with hobbies, hobbies stop being hobbies and become tasks to be completed. The Germans call it stress from free time (Freizeitstress). It is very hard for a workaholic to accept having free time, but it is possible. The book In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honoré is very helpful. Speaking of minimalism, a wonderful source of knowledge is the book Art of Simplicity by Dominique Loreau. The less we have, the freer we are. Simplify.

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