PHOTOGRAPHY: Funnel of poetry

I have just returned from a wonderful biking trip. I spent Easter on my bicycle seat discovering the beauty of Moravia. The hospitality of my friends in Prostějov and Kunín knew no bounds and the beauty of local nature totally got me. You won’t see the men cutting twigs of a weeping willow (a Czech Easter tradition), local dialect and me eating the tasty „frgál“ cake, but you can enjoy the visual story telling of local nature.

I am waking up. It is freezing.


I have just began a long journey.


And the journey is called life. Often pretty zig zag.


But I don’t care. I am happy that I am free.


And that I can be exploring the world every day and every second. 


I admire the details in the landscape. Oh boy!


Milady would fancy a flower? Yes, please.


Oh, the greenery! It’s bewitching.


So, I go to sit down under a tree.


And I daydream even more.


I look at the sky.


And I realize it’s time to go because I have been biking tens of kilometers and my friends are waiting for me.


The warmth of home.


And then taking train back to my home.


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