On the other side

I love traveling as any other young person nowadays. There are plenty articles about how traveling and working abroad is advantageous, fun and wonderful. We are all aware of the pros, but are there any cons? What about looking at traveling from the other side?

Traveling is a consumerism dressed in a more beautiful coat. Apetite comes with eating. Once one starts traveling, he cannot stop and becomes addicted to it. World is so big and so enticing. And so right after returning from one trip he already starts planning another one. And when one cannot go due to some reason or another he is upset and missing it. It almost seems like traveling has become some sort of addiction.


Traveling is also a status thing. Who has been where, who is going where, who has been further and so on. One who spent his holiday in the Czech Republic is a loser, one who was in Croatia is old-fashioned, one who was in Bali is cool and the one who visited an Indian tribe in the Amazon rainforest is a king. Who cares what he saw there, important he was there.

People travel to faraway lands but hardly know the place they come from. They have lived in Chilli and on Borneo but they cannot remember names of hills, rivers and villages close to their town. Traveling becomes superficial. It is about collecting flags on a world map and stamps in the passport and not about deep knowledge of foreign cultures and lands.


When people return, they often feel bad. That is even worse when they return from some spiritual journey or a bagpack roadtrip. As if the world they used to live in was all bad. They feel closer to strangers they met on the road than to their family and friends and soon become dissatisfied with their country which urges them to leave again. And so they move from one country to another. The more they travel, the less they know where their real home is and that is when they start loving postmodernism and say that it does not matter where it is, it is everywhere. They get lost.

As I pointed out above, I wanted to ponder about some risks of traveling. I do not want to generalize my opinions on all young travelers because many of them are aware. If one is conscious of the above mentioned things traveling becomes one of the best things in the world. Journey is goal, returning back is a joy and home is home.

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