Open newspaper on the table, an interesting book next to it, seven tabs open in a browser, open e-mail, blinking message on a phone and radio playing. We are surrounded by information and sometimes even overwhelmed. We live in an information age. The problem is a relationship between quantity and quality of information we work with. We often let ourselves be overwhelmed by ballast of unnecessary information and we lose track of what is important and what is not. We think that the more we read the clever we become but that is not so. It is better to go deep than to stay on the surface.


The amount of accessible information is wonderful if we know how to work with it. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Clean your computer and make order in your files.
  • Keep your mailbox empty and organized. Use filters, rules and folders.
  • Pick a few quality sources of information you will frequently use.
  • Keep notes and documents in one place. Synchronize, save on cloud or in applications.
  • Take a good care of one social network instead of five badly maintained ones.

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