Frowning dandelions

Jiří Suchý once said that “Smile is a feast of the face.” In the Czech Republic, we have 14 public holidays. This means that Czech people smile on average 14 days a year. Quite accurate, isn’t it?

It does not matter whether you live in a big anonymous city or in a village or whether you meet people you know or you have never met, smiles are rare here in the Czech Republic. Most of the people I meet on my way to and from work are frowning and prefer to divert the eye contact. This is quite similar in services, transportation, offices, gastronomy and elsewhere. In comparison with abroad the difference is paramount and that is also why many young people are leaving.


As if we did not have everything here! As if we did not have running water, electricity, excellent public health, relatively good education, beautiful nature, rich culture, sights, many job opportunities and absence of natural disasters. It is clear that one sometimes has a bad mood and is not doing well but it is not possible that almost everyone I meet every day feels blue. There are so many things we should be grateful for.

Therefore let us be grateful and smile at each other. Let us share the joy with others. If we do not like our job, relationships and life, then let’s work on some change. I always keep in mind our nice cook from the Masaryk university canteen who always asked me how I was doing and the wonderful librarian in Prague central library who is smiling right when you enter the door.

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