Illustrations 2

Do you also love to observe the world, think about things and notice all kinds of pleasanteries? If yes, then we are two, or three or more. I am adding a few new illustrations this week which are contemplating life a bit. Feel free to comment under the article.

Smiling forbidden. Welcome to the Czech Republic.

Did you also notice that people smile so rarely here? Why? What could be the reason?


Paradox of Choice

Do you think that more options means more freedom? Don’t you sometimes feel that too many options make you feel paralysed?


Faster, faster, faster!

Why do we focus more on speed rather than on slowness, quantity rather than on quality, stress rather than on calmness? I often feel like the sheep in the picture. How about you?


Kites in Love

I don’t even know why but my close ones like this picture. I am adding it here to improve your contemplative mood.


Tree of Wisdom

Do you also love trees? One quote says that „No tree will grow to heaven but it would lose sense of its life if it did not try to.“ Do you agree?



How many times a day do you look at your watch or display of your mobile phone to check what time it is? Instead of watching the small digits shouldn’t you watch NOW? Festina lente = Make haste slowly.


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2 thoughts on “Illustrations 2

  1. Marianne Feikema napsal:

    Wow, how nice! I really like the inspirational quotes in combination with the drawings. It addresses topics that are so typical for today’s world. A relaxing and mindful activity for nice, calm Sundays. Well done!

    Liked by 1 osoba

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