Write, did not say the teacher

Teachers often decide which direction in life we will go. Can you also remember that teacher who told you you were not good at something and you were so disappointed that you gave it up and took a different path? Or the one who supported you and made you passionate about their course? I will give you two examples from my life.

During my grammar school teachers of literature kept on telling me that I was not good at composition and was average in writing. I believed them for a few years but in puberty I started boycotting them and started writing for my own pleasure. Nothing could take my love for literature away and since then I have always been writing. I love it. I bet that the teachers’ pets now don’t even take a pen in their hand. I am wondering what big difference it would have made have they noticed my passion for writing and supported me. I am convinced that the role of teachers is not to give lectures but to notice interest and talent in pupils and support them.


Believe in yourself. (Ano=yes, Ne=No)

Unfortunately, second example does not have such a happy ending. In the lower level of grammar school I was wholeheartedly convinced that I would study Natural Sciences and would work as a conservationist. Eventually, I moved away from this vision because the previously fun classes of Biology full of exhibits, experiments, competitions and excursions into nature have started being only about memorizing Latin and taking stand on details. Despite trying to take nature protection into account in my everyday life I have become a Biology deserter. My passion for this subject has dried out.

As you can see teachers had impact on my life. During my grammar school and university studies I met only a few inspiring teachers and almost none that would fascinate me. I believe they exist. Maybe in Harvard and hopefully also somewhere here as well. Their eyes are shining with excitement, heart is beating for their students, they are open to everything new and they support and lead students. How would school and society look if people could focus on their strengths instead of weaknesses? As Tereza Černohorská said in the interview, if people were watered with attention and could grow like flowers. Therefore I support you to believe in yourself and do what you truly love. My blog is a showcase of this.

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