Tanku, feng shui and contour painting

My encounter with Midori Yoshino happened out of the blue. I was supposed to interview Marcela Labánová who worked in UAE for 12 years and when I called her she asked me if I could take care of her Japanese friend who has recently arrived to Prague and needed to get to Moravia by train. I met the joyful and energetic Midori at Prague Main Train station and immediately knew that the next three hours would be full of gibbering about our life adventures.


Midori studied fashion design at college in Japan and spent seven years working very hard for a famous Japanese sportswear company. After getting married, she and her husband lived in Australia, UK and Brunei and eventually settled down in Al Ain, UAE where they have been living and bringing up their daughter for the past 16 years.


Midori started painting when her daughter was young and soon became an arts teacher. She sells her own watercolor paintings and has exhibitionsf. At her age, Midori is unbelievably humble and curious to learn and improve her techniques.


Her travel diary full of illustrations took me aback. It was amazing! And so did she appreciate my illustrations. We were completely in awe of each other’s work and for fun we started drawing a little story into her diary both keeping our distinct styles.


An incomparably better way to spend a journey in a train than to play on a smart phone, don’t you think? I also realized how much the Japanese culture has brought to the world. We spoke about haiku, tonka, geisha, geiko, feng shui, sintoism, manga, ikebana and Nikon. Thank you, Midori and good luck!

You can see more of Midori Yoshino’s work on her blog or FB.

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