Global 3000 – a Must Watch Show

Dear reader, it is my great pleasure to dedicate this post to a truly inspiring and encouraging show called Global 3000, which I have recently stumbled upon. Produced by a renowned German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), this weekly show presents a plethora of initiatives and projects helping the environment and society, documents on various global issues and also interesting stories of individuals from all around the world. Its uniqueness lies in the participation of spectators in creating the content and in its capability to spread optimism, joy and hope that these projects effectively contribute to well-being of Earth and our well-being on Earth.

New episodes are broadcasted every Monday at 9:30 P.M. CET and can be accessed from the homepage, while previous episodes can be easily streamed in the section Episode. These 30-min shows are made up of 4-5 topics covering anything from protection of rainforests in Fiji to production of argan oil in Morocco and Bangladesh anti-flood strategy and bringing stories of the spectators. You can either watch the whole episode or pick a certain video. I do recommend you to check out the following three sections:

Global Snack is a fun section, which enables you to see, what people eat for snack all over the world – from Greek salad and Ukrainian pancakes to Indian Panipuri.

Global Living Rooms will be appreciated by curious individuals who love to explore, how people live in various parts of the world. Isn’t it interesting and enriching to see, how households in Bulgaria, Vietnam or Siberia look?

Global 3000 Questionnaire section includes intriguing interviews with people of different nationalities, religions and professions, who are a part of the Global 3000 community. Don’t you want to know, what a Philippine nun or a vendor from Ecuador think about globalization?

These editions bring a new perspective to my life and never cease to inspire me. What I find fantastic about this show is that, spectators themselves are the most important driving force and that they create their own videos with help of the DW team. So, if you became interested, and I hope that you did, watch an episode or two and if you know of any other great show, then please leave its name in a reply to this article. I am always eager to hear from you. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Global 3000 – a Must Watch Show

    • Veronika Gregušová napsal:

      Dear Elena, thanks for your comment and for introducing this video to me. It is completely fascinating, that a football can produce energy and I believe that if it was provided for an affordable price to players from developing countries who do not have access to electricity, it could have a good impact for them and their families.

      To se mi líbí

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