It Is Never Late to Learn – Education in the 21st Century

Today’s post is dedicated to a topic I consider very important and that is education. I think that a major shift in the way we access, process and work with information and knowledge appeared in the 1990s, when we gradually entered into the Information Age, in which we are faced with a huge, if not insurmountable amount of information, which is mostly available in digital form.

Interestingly, in my 18-year schooling history I have not noticed any change in the way primary and secondary schools or colleges in the Czech Republic would acknowledge this shift and would try to innovate the teaching methods or teach students new skills needed for life in the 21st century. It was only in the 4th year of my college studies, that I have had the chance to take a course called Creative Work with Information which introduced me to a great number of innovative methods and skills, such as Brainstorming, Mind Maps, Rapid Reading, Creative Writing, Information Hygiene, Time Management and Techniques of Learning.

I would like to share the thrill of „new“ learning with you by recommending an article called Top 10 Skills We Wish Were Taught in School, But Usually Aren’t by Melanie Pinola, who introduces skills helpful to all of us in our daily lives. (10) Learning new computer skills can help make our work on PC more effective, (9) Speed Reading gets us faster through school texts/e-mails, we really don’t want to read and (8) Time-management is an important skill, if we want to keep a good work-life balance. (7) Study skills help us learn more effectively, and (6) basic money management will teach us how better operate with money. (5) Survival Skills and (4) Basic Self-Defense can be a life-saver in certain situations and (3) Negotiation Skills in every-day life as well. Finally, significance of (2) Mental Health should be reinforced at schools and students should be taught (1) How to Prepare for Job Interviews.

As Pinola says, it is never too late to learn, so whether you are a student or you are working already, pick a skill you want to improve and begin working on it. For start, just see the blog, where you can find many good suggestions and articles.

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