Saving Biodiversity is My Resolution for 2015!

The first days of the New Year are always a magical period when people like to make resolutions about their actions and behaviors in the upcoming year. Sometimes, though, these resolutions are too ambitious and people soon become tired of having to fulfill them. In my opinion, if people set ‚smaller‘ (more feasible) goals, they can more easily tick them off and stick to their personal promises. What led me write this short entry is my desire to share with you my 2015 resolution – helping save some of Planet’s biodiversity.

A month back, I stumbled upon a very inspiring guide called 52 STEPS FOR SAVING BIODIVERSITY created by the European Commission which suggests easy weekly tips for helping protect the environment. I immediately thought of it as a great set of resolutions, which by their form are easy to follow. The suggestions differ from every day actions (saving water, buying fish responsibly, reducing consumption of paper…) and efforts in raising awareness within your community and at your workplace (organizing neighborhood clean-ups, participating in Biodiversity Day (22 May), supporting company biodiversity team-buildings…) to some unusual activities (downloading animal sounds to your mobile phone to raise awareness about endangered animals, participating in the Billion Tree Campaign, giving name to a new species…).

As I mentioned, keeping all of these resolutions would make anyone give up, I therefore suggest that those interested in this action pick only a few recommendations. I am personally determined to follow #6, #20, #24, #31 and #37. How about you? Let us all join hands, paws and claws to help nature! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Saving Biodiversity is My Resolution for 2015!

  1. Jana napsal:

    Hi Veronika,I’m totally into your latest article. I found it very interesting indeed.There are so many great things about nature which I hadn’t known before and it keeps me thinking deeper anytime I care to do better job for our Earth.Thanks..I’m for numbers 2,3,5,6,7,8,11,12,15,16,18,23,27,31,32,33,35,39,45 and 46. Not only saving planet is making better life for people in the future but also we feel better with ourself.

    To se mi líbí

    • Veronika Gregušová napsal:

      Dear Jana, I am happy that you are enthusiastic about the article and most importantly about the guide. It is true that there are many ways how each of us can contribute to protecting the environment. I will be soon posting one more article regarding a more environmentally friendly approach in our every day life, so stay tuned! 🙂

      To se mi líbí

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