Fun and Diverse: Fundraising for others and yourself

Thinking about what initiative I should write about during Christmas, a peaceful period when people spend nice time with their families and when they are least interested in reading about serious matters, I approached my wise friend, who recommended me a wonderful website called Indigogo. If you have never heard about it, then keep on reading and you will find that this idea is both entertaining and helpful.

Indigogo is a website based on a crowd funding mechanism, which is basically a method of fundraising money from a large group of people. Now, you might ask me what is the difference between a conventional donation to a charity and crowd funding and I will tell you that the latter one is more transparent (you see the whole process of fundraising), more costs-free (money is spent on the asked cause), more fun (you can watch videos, campaigns, day countdowns) and MUCH more diverse (over 20 categories).

Whether you are a technology buff, art aficionado, nature lover, philanthropist or whatever else you call yourself, there is a project out there for you to see. Do you want to help a young fashion designer establish an online store for the latest wear or help plant 2,000 sequoia trees in California? Or would you rather give a hand to a talented book author who is writing a wonderful comic book on Second World War or develop a new mobile game?

It’s up to you! Just browse through the categories and see if any of the projects catch your attention. In some of them, in case the asked amount is collected, you can even get a reward (i.e. discount in the online store) and in some, you will just get a rewarding feeling. Or do you have any great idea but lack required capital, then why not start your own campaign? It works vice-versa. So, before the table is ready and all are seated, cast a look here and discover a whole new world.

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