Learning Languages from the Streets

About three months ago, I was browsing YouTube searching for videos that could help me learn German in an interactive way and I was lucky to come across an amazing channel called Easy Languages. I immediately made it a habit to watch these videos which covered a vast amount of topics ranging from Shopping and Professions to Fall of the Berlin Wall, Flirting or Nuclear Energy. When you are a beginner (as me), you might initially feel intimidated by listening to native speakers being interviewed in the streets, but the great advantage is that you can see both the transcript and an English translation. These short videos (5-8 minutes long) give you confidence so much needed for studying a foreign language and new episodes are regularly delivered at your YouTube “doorstep” (for example, a new episode of German is released every Sunday).

Wanting to know more about this amazing initiative, I checked out the whole channel and got to know that apart from the most commonly studied languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Arabic etc., you can opt for Afrikaans, Esperanto, Hebrew, Khoekhoegowab, Latin, Swahili, Zulu, Oshiwambo, Vietnamese, Turkish or others. Isn’t that a stunner!

What started as a school project in Münster, Germany  for high school students who wanted to keep in touch with their friends in their partner schools in Namibia and Poland over the years evolved into a well-established network called The Global Experience for language aficionados from all over the world. Currently, the network has over 10 000 members, who come here to study languages (for free, of course) and participate in exchange programs and media camps.

So, if you are interested in improving your language skills or want to learn a new language, why not try it!

4 thoughts on “Learning Languages from the Streets

    • Veronika Gregušová napsal:

      Hi Dave (Woody), I am glad that you found this article helpful. I recommend you watching the videos, in case you are interested in learning any of the suggested languages, or given your interest in learning Korean, maybe you can launch a new „Korean Language Forum“, alone or with your students. 🙂 I am sure many people would be interested in learning Korean! Thank you very much for your article, I should work more on goal 5!

      To se mi líbí

  1. Jana Habanova napsal:

    Congratulations Veronika, I’m glad to know about your new Website. It was a brilliant idea to establish such a page. I’ve found your articles enriching. I believe you’ll come up with many great things. May it come in handy to most of us. Jana

    To se mi líbí

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