Slow down and smell the roses (or any other flower)

Watching this TED talk by Carl Honoré, a Canadian author of the book In Praise of Slowness, will remind you, as it reminded me, how much we, the people of today, tend to race throughout our lives at such unprecedented pace that we end up neglecting the most basic and important things and goals in our lives. Even though we know that we should have time to simply sit down, ponder about our life goals, spend time with our dear ones and just do whatever we feel like at the moment, we continue our race against time and keep our agendas full to blast. So we rush and do not stop at the sight of a “beautiful flower bed with smelling roses” to finish yet one more task, which will immediately be replaced by another one and another. So, the looming question is, is there a solution? The answer is “Yes, you can slow down”! You need not necessarily engage yourself in yoga, meditation or reading New Age books, rather just slow down to the rhythm which is comfortable to you and have a bit more time for “you”, for the “important people in your life” and for “other things”, you deem important. This video will guide you through new trends in the Slow Movement (Slow Living, Slow Cities, Slow Food etc.) and will show you a new approach to the busy lifestyle, which is rarely desirable.

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