Saving sloth bears in India – a great success!

Having recently visited a rescue & rehabilitation center for sloth bears near Agra, India, I want to let you know about the wonderful activities and successes of the organisation called Wildlife SOS. The organisation which initially started saving „dancing bears“ (previously cruelly used for street entertainment all across India), later became active in projects which help leopards, elephants, reptiles, birds, dugongs (sea cows) and pet animals. Only 19 years old, Wildlife SOS managed to ban the practice of „dancing bears“ and established a 24-hour reptile rescue center, elephant sanctuary, leopard rescue center and is also engaged in tackling poaching and trade of bears.

Realizing that conservation of nature cannot be done without the people, Wildlife SOS helped the Kalandar community, which used dancing bears for many centuries, to find employment, empower women and enable children to go to school. The organisation is supported by International Animal Rescue, Free the Bears, Hauser Bears, One Voice, Humane Society International, Benindi Fund, Ford Foundation and many other donors.

If you are interested in the activities, see the website and if you have time to spare, visit or volunteer.

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